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CHR Newsletter - December 14, 2017

Wishing You the Joys of the Season
& Continued Success
Throughout the Coming Year,
from Everyone at CHR.

4 Steps to Keep Your Workers & Facility Safe This Winter

No standard exists for determining when snow and ice accumulation is severe enough that it will endanger workers. In most cases, managers and supervisors must use their own judgment to alter work practices based on changes in weather conditions. There are four steps an EHS manager can take to help maintain a safe work environment.

Go Green for the Holidays

This holiday season, join the CDC in promoting sustainability with its "Go Green for the Holidays" suggestions. The season of giving can be an opportunity to give responsibly and with care for the environment. How you wrap gifts, which types of decorations you hang, and how you shop can positively impact your environment and your community.

Favorite Safety+Health Articles in 2017

Readers landed on two million times in 2017 and looked at 11,000 different articles. These 10 workplace safety and health stories topped the list.

Successful Employee Programs Built to Last

While it's a positive step to invest in well-being, employers must understand there's more to it than simply creating programs. Many organizations also struggle to embrace the fact that culture is the main driver of participation. So, what's the solution?

Sexual Harassment on the Job Still Carries Large Impact

Two UT Arlington researchers have revisited workplace sexual harassment issues after the initial study was done nearly 20 years ago. How well is society doing? The answer is mixed. Although there has been a 28 percent decline in complaints, sexual harassment is a continuing, chronic occupational health problem in the workplace.

Being Treated Unfairly at Work Increases Risk of Long-term Sick Leave

A relatively new determinant of employee health is their perception of fairness in the work place, known as organizational justice. The new study, published today in BMC Public Health, focused on one element of this, called interactional justice, which relates to the treatment of employees by managers.

Duration of Sleep Increases and Sleeping Difficulties Decrease After Retirement

When people retire from work life, they sleep approximately 20 minutes longer than before retirement. The quality of sleep also improves, as retired people experience less early morning awakenings or nonrestorative sleep, unlike in their last working years.

Occupational Health News from the Pump Handle Blog

Storied include reports on the challenges of protecting nail salon workers from the toxic chemicals often used in the industry, and the progress being made in helping salon owners make the shift to healthier working conditions.

Occupational Health Research: December 2017

A study on how long hours in the film industry affect safety is among this month's crop of occupational health research reports.

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