CHR is Here, There, Everywhere…

With an established network of over 12,000 Occupational Medicine providers in the US and Canada, CHR’s goal is to locate a qualified facility within a 30-minute drive of your candidate’s home or office.

CHR has over 36 years of experience and is known as the company you call whether you need a drug screen collection in Wyoming, a DOT exam in Texas, an IME in Denver, and/or periodic exams for your sales force scattered throughout the country. CHR is a nationwide examiner network that provides occupational health exams in all 50 states and many international locations as well.

Our goal is to exceed customer needs and expectations in the delivery of quality, personalized, cost-effective medical services.

CHR is the company you call for all your corporate health examination and service needs. CHR’s never-ending commitment to customer service and process improvement sets us apart from our competitors. Making our clients happy is CHR’s number one priority. Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is a daily, ongoing, never-ending process. If this is not an objective of a CHR employee, they will not be an employee of the company for long. We do what we say we are going to do, and if something goes wrong in the process, we do our best to make sure you hear it from us first, along with corrective measures taken. Our clients have a high level of trust and confidence in our services.