Managing the DOT Physical Exam Process

Managing the DOT Physical Exam Process

The federal government requires commercial motor vehicle operators to get physical exams upon hire and subsequent bi-annual recertification checkups to ensure they meet health and safety standards.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams are performed by qualified, licensed providers listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. The physicians and nurse practitioners in CHR’s medical examiner network perform comprehensive, cost-effective DOT physical exams in compliance with DOT standards.

As a CHR client, you can be assured that we will notify your drivers when their DOT card is due to expire. Our quality control process ensures that cards are issued in a timely manner in accordance with medical guidelines.

Medical conditions assessed during DOT physical exams include visual conditions, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, dementias, alcoholism, medications, seizures and other neuromuscular medical conditions. As clinically indicated, we will arrange for sleep apnea studies and further assessment of other medical conditions. Exam results are valid for up to 24 months in most cases. A medical examiner’s certificate may be issued for less than 24 months when medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, warrant more frequent evaluation.

When a driver is physically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle, the medical examiner completes and signs a medical examination report that is certified by a CHR-affiliated Medical Review Officer (MRO). The medical examination report and a copy of driver’s DOT medical card are stored at CHR, or when applicable, a client’s corporate medical department. The original DOT medical card is sent to the employee.

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