Return to Work and Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

Return to Work and Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are occupational health evaluations performed by a licensed medical examiner who is not involved in the regular care of the employee. Independent medical evaluations are an important component of workers’ compensation systems, and are also used to clarify other occupational health, disability and liability case issues.

Independent Medical Evaluations and Impairment Evaluations are often used to provide a more objective understanding of the impact of an occupational health issue, injury or illness.

CHR is the industry leader in providing Independent Medical Evaluations, fitness for duty exams, return to work exams, and other occupational health exams to ensure that the employee will have the physical capacity to perform the job functions safely and without physical harm.

CHR’s nurse case managers will identify an occupational health specialist with no prior knowledge of your employee to provide an unbiased opinion of their ability to perform the job. The employee will be asked to release their medical records, and the Employer will need to provide the essential job functions.

IME Services

  • Second opinions
  • Peer evaluations
  • Chart reviews
  • Legal testimony
  • Physical capacity exams
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Fitness for duty exams
  • Permanent impairment rating

IME Features

  • Coordinate patient appointments with physicians
  • Arrange complicated, multi-specialty panel exams
  • Arrange travel accommodations when necessary
  • Transportation and translation services
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) evaluations

CHR Benefits

  • Maintain all communications with patients
  • Reduce potential for over utilization
  • Prompt access to IME physician schedules
  • Quality assurance reports

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