Immunizations for Vendor Credentialing

vciOne of CHR’s fastest growing service areas is Vendor Credentialing for individuals requiring entry into healthcare and related institutions. We work directly with your employees and new hires to complete their immunizations or titres, TB tests, Flu vaccines, drug screens, etc. in order to meet Vendor Credentialing Organization (VCO) requirements.

Immunizations that include a series of vaccines (Hepatitis B/series of three vaccines, for example) will be tracked, the individual will automatically be notified when the next vaccine in the series is due, and the appointment will be scheduled by CHR. All appointments are coordinated by CHR with clinics located within a close proximity to where the employee or new hire is located, regardless of where they live or work.

CHR will provide your employee or new hire with an Immunizations Clearance Form upon completion of vaccines and/or testing, which can be submitted directly to the VCO. Your company (or your employees) will no longer need to keep track of all vaccine and TB test records and due dates. The Immunizations Clearance Form is accepted by all VCOs.

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