Immunizations for Credentialing

Immunizations for Credentialing

Why keep track of immunization and drug test requirements, due dates, vaccine and TB test records, and clinic scheduling needs when CHR can do all that for you?

We assist employees who need verified immunizations to obtain access to healthcare facilities and other types of institutions. We help employees, including new hires, to complete their immunizations or titres, TB tests, get drug tests and annual flu vaccinations to meet Vendor Credentialing Organization (VCO) requirements. When a series of vaccines (Hepatitis B series of three vaccines, for example) is required, we track status, provide notifications on when the next vaccine in the series is due, and schedule appointments with conveniently located local providers.

We provide an Immunization Clearance Form that can be directly submitted to a VCO to verify completion of vaccines and/or testing.  The form is accepted by all VCOs.

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