Case Management

CHR provides case management services, in both occupational health and non-occupational health arena. Making our clients happy is CHR’s number one priority. Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is a daily, ongoing, never-ending process. If this is not an objective of a CHR employee, they will not be an employee of the company for long. We do what we say we’re going to do, and if something goes wrong in the process, we do our best to make sure you hear it from us first, along with corrective measures taken.

  • Case Management by Occupational Health Nurses with CHR 24/7®
    • CHR provides our clients with direct access to our nurse case managers 24/7 to assess and manage on-the-job injuries. Based on a thorough assessment of the injured worker’s symptoms, our nurses provide guidance and information to assist the injured worker (and supervisor or manager) to access the correct treatment AND the correct provider for their injury.
    • The objective of an injury management and Workers’ Compensation program is to manage each work-related claim at the earliest point possible to:
      • Minimize OSHA Recordable
      • Reduce employee lost time
      • Control the cost of each workers’ compensation claim
      • Return employees to work in a medically appropriate/expedient manner
  • Medical Overview by Occupational Health Physicians
    • Michael Sauri, MD, our primary occupational health physician who oversees our internal processes and performs professional overview
  • Onsite Clinic Support and Staffing
    • New in 2009, CHR Onsite, LLC was formed to staff a clinic embedded at a client’s corporate headquarters. This seamless transition has resulted in significant cost savings to the employer.