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CHR Newsletter – October 23, 2014

CHR Supports Breast Cancer Research

Terri Trumble, Program Manager/Project Team Lead, leads fundraiser to benefit U-M Cancer Research


Terri Trumble, Program Manager/Project Team Lead at CHR for nearly 20 years now, also is a recent Breast Cancer Survivor. In association with her son’s Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she lead a fundraiser to benefit the University of Michigan Breast Cancer Program Fund.

The fundraising campaign took place during the week of October 6, and culminated with one of the largest “Pink Out” grand finale events in the high school’s history on October 10. CHR is a proud sponsor of this meaningful fundraiser, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Program Fund.

Make a donation to the Breast Cancer Program Fund:

Office of Medical Development

University of Michigan

Breast Cancer Program Fund

1000 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 100

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Attn: Jason Keech

Make a Gift to Patient and Family Support Services >>

More Information:

Ebola Outbreak Shows Need for Stronger Protection for Health Workers

With OSHA unable to inspect all hospitals, workers must have a voice in addressing workplace hazards


Reports that a second Dallas hospital worker has been infected with the Ebola virus show the need for stronger and more comprehensive on-the-job protections for health care workers, says Mary Vogel, executive director of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH).

Acknowledging the victims of the recent Ebola outbreak, Vogel also noted that there are many serious hazards that impact healthcare workers every day.

Read Full Article >>

Workplace Bullying Victims Share Their Stories

54 million workers, or 35% of U.S. employees, are targeted by a bully at some point in their careers


No one expects to go to work and feel as though they’re back on the school playground. Sadly, though, bullying is common for many workers.

Approximately 54 million workers, or 35 percent of U.S. employees, are targeted by a bully at some point in their careers, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute.

Even more tragic is the fact that many victims of workplace bullying suffer in silence.

Stacy Tye-Williams, an assistant professor of communications studies and English at Iowa State University, wanted to hear the stories of victims who haven’t reported their instances of workplace bullying. She found their narratives shocking and heartbreaking, and often disjointed and hard to follow.

Read Full Article >>

Planning the Future of Occupational Health

The UK Council for Work and Health’s report delivers a vision of occupational health for the next 20 years


The council’s ongoing project to map out a blueprint of future workforce need and demand illustrates that the workforce challenges facing occupational health (OH) are severe.

The challenges of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, the UK’s ageing working population and the increasing prevalence of chronic and long-term diseases would be challenging even if the OH profession was expanding and attracting new blood.

As chair of the council working group Professor John Harrison puts it: “[The report] is setting the scene around where we are now and what is going to be happening in the future. It is really just highlighting the fact the working world is changing and OH is changing with it.”

Read Full Article >>

Occupational Health: Essential Information for New and Temp Staff

A wish list of what it would be nice to know before stepping into any department


As an experienced occupational health (OH) adviser working independently, Diane Romano-Woodward sometimes take on roles at short notice where a member of staff has suddenly become unwell. So that staff can “hit the ground running” and provide a service in new locations with very little preparation or support, she details below a wish list of what it would be nice to know before stepping into any department.

This is exactly the same documentation a manager would need to provide to a new permanent starter. Therefore, it is worth gathering the information in advance as it would also be useful in a crisis that would require temporary cover and, by its very nature, is unplanned. Under those circumstances, the manager will have other challenges in trying to manage client expectations and recruit temporary assistance, therefore it is wise to gather this information now.

Read Full Article >>

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  • NCAOHN, March 26-28, 2014
  • Humana Forum 2014, March 25, 2014
  • NJSAOHN, March 19, 2014
  • CSOEMA, March 14-15, 2014
  • NECOEM / MaAOHN, Boston, MA, Dec. 5-6, 2013
  • NCAOHN, Charlotte, NC, November 6-8, 2013
  • IFDAT, Coral Gables, FL, November 4-5, 2013
  • OAOHN, Celina, OH, October 24-26, 2013
  • CSAOHN, Sacramento, CA, October 17-19, 2013
  • NEAOHN, Newark, DE, October 9-11, 2013
  • VSAOHN / VOSH, Hampton, VA, October 9-11, 2013
  • IL AOHN, Bloomington, IL, October 3-4, 2013
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    Sep. 20, 2013
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    Sep. 19-21, 2013
  • FL AOHN, Orlando, FL, September 19-21, 2013

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CHR has the following immediate openings:

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RN, Occupational Travel Health Nurse

Medlock Consulting is a Physician and Occupational Health Search Firm dedicated to locating, evaluating, and facilitating the placement of quality physician executives, PA’s. NP’s, and RN-COHN’s in superior environments.

RN/WC Case Manager Opportunity

CHR is expanding our team and needs a FT WC, Expatriate and Executive Case Manager for our Rockville, MD HQ

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