Uninsured Worker? It’s Your Chance to Get Covered

Those with low or moderate incomes will also be eligible for federal tax credits

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25 (HealthDay News) — Chris Smith is a 32-year-old Ph.D. candidate in religious education who doesn’t really know what the new health insurance exchanges will offer or what the coverage will cost. But she’s eager to find out.

Affordable Care Act

Smith will earn her degree from Fordham University in New York City next May. Eventually, she hopes to land a full professorship with health benefits. But as a new graduate, she’ll probably spend one to three years in part-time teaching assignments that don’t offer job-based health insurance.

The new health insurance exchanges, or “marketplaces,” created under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration’s sweeping health reform law, may offer her a solution. [Read more…]

HEALTH REFORM: Expect Pluses, Minuses for Those With Job-Based Coverage

New protections and benefits exist, but higher premiums and reduced work hours possible

Health ReformTUESDAY, Sept. 24 (HealthDay News) — The Obama administration’s sweeping health reform law known as the Affordable Care Act goes well beyond helping America’s uninsured. It also affects roughly 159 million workers and family members who now have job-based health coverage.

If you have an employer-sponsored health plan, you satisfy the law’s “individual mandate” that requires most people to have health coverage or pay a fine. And because of the health reform law, sometimes known as “Obamacare,” your job-based health plan may include new insurance protections and benefits. [Read more…]